I created Yoga Flava as a playful way to enjoy the practice of Yoga, by adding contemporary musical grooves to ancient healing moves. Sometimes, I throw in some contemporary dance moves, spoken word and live music.

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In a recent interview in Ebony magazine, singer/actress, Jill Scott share her exercise style “Anything that makes me feel like I’m not working out,” the single mom of one says. “We go outside and throw footballs, go for walks.”

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Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind to be more playful with your workouts:

1. A playful attitude: Everything starts with your state of mind.

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2. Add variety: Hoola Hoop, Jump rope / Double dutch to a song like the old days to name a few.

3. Discover what you enjoy: Find new nature and / or city walk trails

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4. Make a play date: Ask an adult friend and / or children to join you for a playful workout – Dance!

5. Make love: Sexercise can be playful and burn calories

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Check out the following Yoga Flava TV interview with a Yoga instructor that highlights her “playful” style: