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Anti-porn groups are targeting advertisers of “The Playboy Club,” an NBC drama based the chain of nightclubs started by Hugh Hefner, in an effort to get the television network to cancel the controversial show before its fall debut. The wheels are turning on this show before it even gets out the gate. Earlier this week a Utah NBC affiliate refused scheduling of it. Now, full fledged campaigns are rolling out.

New “Playboy Club” Show Gets Blocked & Called Immoral

The TV series will “contribute to the sexual objectification and exploitation of women and encourage greater acceptance of pornography,” said Patrick A. Trueman, president of Morality in Media, a faith-based group in New York that fights porn in the media.

Trueman’s group is circulating an online petition asking supporters to pledge not to watch the show, urge NBC to shut down the show, and boycott advertisers of the show.

“Harm from pornography is a worldwide pandemic and Playboy started it all. NBC should not throw fuel on that fire.”

Added Trueman, “Sexual exploitation has its cost and its time the promoters of such harm feel the pain.”

New Poll: Extramarital Affairs Considered The Most Immoral

Florida Family Association, which flew a banner warning people about Gay Day at Disney World earlier this month, is also joining the war against NBC over the show. The group said it will document all the advertisers of the show and publicize the names of those companies online and in emails to supporters.