With the holiday upon us, we tend to take quick weekend jaunts to see our girlfriends that are spread out across the country. Here are some tips on how to travel safely when doing it solo from

1. TELL SOMEONE YOU ARE GOING. Anyone. What city, what hotel, what you plan on doing, who you plan on seeing, when you are supposed to be getting back, arrange check in call times, whatever, just tell someone that you are embarking on a solo adventure.

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2. GET TWO KEYS. I made the reservation for 1 person. When I checked in, the creeper at the counter asked me how many keys I wanted. I said, “One.” I regretted this immediately. Now the creeper (and every other person in the lobby) knows I’m alone. Great. The hotel needs to know how many people are staying in the room in case of a fire or other emergency. But get two keys.

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3. MAKE FRIENDS. This is for a couple reasons and situations:

A.You are probably not the only solo traveler and other like-minded people can prove to be fun companions.

B. The staff can be more than helpful and being friendly with the bartender couldn’t hurt (hangovers are temporary, after all).

C. More opportunities become available when you are friendly. Locals and staff know all the good places to go, dine and see.

D. No one likes a jerk. If you want to be alone, at least smile and be polite. Other people are on vacation, too

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