The most digital generation in history is stepping up to the podium to get their college and high school diplomas. So what graduation gift should you give your capped-and-gowned digerati? It’s hard. An iPod? (Probably passé.) A check?

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GPS system. For a graduate heading off to a new city, a GPS unit can help make the unfamiliar a little easier to navigate. The Magellan SE4 retails at about $100 and includes a 4.4-inch LCD screen and preloaded with maps covering the continental US, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. The TomTom Ease, which features a 3.5-inch touch screen will also set you back about $100, offers turn-by-turn spoken instructions and 3D graphics as well as six different color options. Similar models with the up-to-the-minute traffic updates run about $160.

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