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In the last few days we have all seen some of the craziest stories ever…..come from Atlanta. Each day there is just one more Eddie Long story.

Now, some people would think that I am just jumping on him. I am  not. Honest. The facts speak for themselves. The VIDEO speaks even louder than any words written could illustrate.

There is a prophecy that says that if it sounds too crazy it’s probably true.  I will just list the stories for you

One Of Eddie Long’s Accusers Maintains Innocence Of Burglary Charges [VIDEO]

1- The Money Drop.

Yes, I saw the video of the money drop. No, I don’t believe it. Yes I think she was a plant.  I think it’s  pathetic. Period dot com.  If you haven’t seen it yet watch it here:

# 2  The  Email Trail Is CRAZY

The Unreal email battle that heated up between Mo Kelly and Bishop Long’s pr person was one for the ages. After Eddie Long’s PR person named Mo Kelly specifically in a release statement, Mo Kelly went in.  There was more than one site talking about Vanessa leaving, but Mo was singled out.

The battle began with the press release.

The Press Release Said:

One blog, The Mo’ Kelly Report, said recently that  ”Well-placed spies for The Mo’Kelly Report and long-time members of New Birth are alleging that Vanessa Long, the First Lady of New Birth has moved out of the house, in fact taking one of the children with her due to the scandal.”

Mo Kelly Said:

The Mo’Kelly Report stands behind its story regarding Vanessa Long moving from the family home.

Through numerous conversations and correspondence with present and recently former members/ministry insiders, it became clear that the First Lady was not/is not living in the same home as Bishop Eddie Long.

The Mo’Kelly Report firmly stands behind its story.

This is not including contact with present employees as to the status of the ministry and the internal strife on a business, ecumenical and family level.  These sources will remain protected as to ensure their future employment.

The Mo’Kelly Report firmly stands behind this story and prides itself on high journalistic standards.  There will be no retraction.

New Birth ministries, although contacted (June 8th), opted instead to release a hastily-constructed and ill-informed monologue to the media almost a week later, alleging lacking blogger journalistic integrity and professionalism.  From the photo of the email below, the source was available to New Birth.

New Birth was offered equal space here to rebut the allegations simultaneous to my first published report.  They declined through non-response.

The Mo’Kelly Report firmly stands behind this story.  There will be no retraction.

Let it also be noted that instead of offering a firsthand response from the First Lady herself, readers and the Body of Christ received PR spin from a hired media aide of Bishop Long.  It is more than reasonable to assume that Vanessa Long can speak on her own behalf.  It is also more than reasonable to eschew giving the benefit of the doubt when she does not.  No words from Vanessa or recent picture of the two to verify proximity, simply a statement feigning disgust from the New Birth Director of Communications.

There will be no retraction and The Mo’Kelly Report invites Bishop Eddie Long and Vanessa Long to come into The Mo’Kelly Report and speak openly and candidly on these issues.  Such a discussion is not precluded by the alleged 25-million dollar settlement.

Until that time, there will be no retraction.  If New Birth Ministries finds this stance unacceptable, they are welcome to pursue other avenues to address and remedy this matter.


Morris W. O’Kelly

The Mo’Kelly Report

#3 In The “Are You Serious?” Category

The other salacious story making the rounds is even too scandalous to print. I will direct you though to where you can go. Click here. Come back and tell me what you think.  Interesting right?

This is a crazy ship… we should all just  bail. Just to think I was not going to have an Eddie Long story today.