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The NBC station in Salt Lake City has informed the network that it will not air the new series “The Playboy Club” because the affiliate does not want to be associated with the Playboy brand.

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“For us, the issue is about the Playboy brand, something we believe is associated with pornography and something we don’t want to further in our programming,” Michelle Torsak, programming chief at station KSL.

The drama series, produced by Ron Howard/Brian Grazer’s Imagine Television (with 20th Century Fox TV), stars Eddie Cibrian as one of the patrons of the original Playboy Club in 1960s Chicago.

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In its newscast item Monday morning to announce its decision not to air “The Playboy Club,” KSL noted that its parent company is a sponsor of an Out in the Light Campaign, “which seeks to educate people on problems associated with viewing sexually explicit material.”

In that campaign, the company is partnered with a group called Utah Coalition Against Pornography. The chairwoman of the coalition, Pamela Atkinson, noted in a guest editorial on KSL that “on television, in movie theaters, in music, on the Internet, virtually everywhere — you can find an outlet for material which we find pornographic, or at least, objectionable.”

“There is a growing body of research,” Atkinson continued, “that shows exposure to such material indeed leads to many personal and social problems.”