Pastor Donald Battle calls New Birth elders to task for their  lack of action in regards to continuing to serve with Eddie Long. In the video below he tells Eddie Long, he needs to  “SIT DOWN!”   In addition, he wants the elders who are leaving to own up to the real reason they are departing. Battle goes on to say that members who stated, “It was in the works,”  are choosing to deceive and condone the Bishop’s actions. Lastly, he welcomes all new members from New Birth who are searching for a spiritual home.

Bishop Eddie Long’s Official Resolution Statement

Mr. Battle is known by evangelical ministry God’s visionary for founding Divine Faith Ministries. Serving as pastor, since 1990, his consistent obedience to God has taken Divine Faith Ministries from glory to glory. From the pulpit, Pastor Battle’s Pentecostal fervor blazes most frequently on the subjects of restoration, reconciliation, and healing.

Creflo Dollar ORDERS Eddie Long’s Former Church Members To “GO BACK!”[VIDEO]

Take a look at the video below:

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