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Actor Boris Kodjoe and political commentator Roland Martin, had a heated debate via Twitter last night following Sherri Shepherd’s impassioned break down over Bishop Eddie Long settling with four young men who accused him of sexual coercion on “The View” this week.

Kodjoe, star of series and films including ‘Soul Food,’ ‘Undercovers’ and ‘Madea’s Family Reunion,’ attributed Long’s case to the community not accepting people for who they are.“Still the real issue is the constant taboos and perpetuating secrets in the black community and church,” Kodjoe wrote to Martin Wednesday. “We need 2 change this antiquated belief and embrace everyone regardless of their sexual orientation! 2 me God loves everyone. Only if we stop persecuting and judging, will people feel free and confident to embrace their true selves!! No more lies.”

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While open minded, Kodjoe’s response to Martin, who kicked off the discussion early Wednesday evening, did not go over well. According to Martin, the issue is not about sexuality but about Long abusing power as a Bishop.

“@BorisKodjoe actually, the real issue in the case of Long is an abuse of authority. What if these were women? Bisexuality isn’t primary. Yes, God does love everyone. And we can embrace everyone. But that won’t stop folks from having religious convictions,” Martin said Wednesday. “For instance, religious convictions won’t be fully accepting of children out of wedlock even though for Blacks it’s at 70%. On judging, gays & lesbians judge. Heterosexuals judge. On persecution, you’re correct. But to judge is human. We do wrestle with homosexuality & the church. But the church also wrestles with most sexual issues.

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Too bad that the real Eddie Long issue was covered up again,” tweeted the actor. “Missed opportunity to address, grow and heal ourselves. Having kids is a choice. Out of wedlock or not,” Kodjoe told Martin. “Being gay is NOT a choice. The whole choice of gay life style is a copout.”

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