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Basketball super star, Shaquille O’Neal, may have created a new trend. Yesterday he tweeted his retirement announcement to his four million Tweeter followers.

NBA.com reported that he treated the basketball world as his own personal playground, toggling between pop-culture celebrity and hoop icon. And now — Kazaam! — his career is off to that Big Rocking Chair in the sky.

We’ll miss Shaq, although he’s not really going anywhere. He’s not getting lost in the sunset. How could he? He can block out the sunset. He’s still 7-foot-1 and 350 (cough, cough) pounds with a personality wider than his sneaker. He won’t cash in his Blue Chips anytime soon. Shaq will continue to exist on TV, selling us products and doing shows and maybe someday becoming resurrected, Charles Barkley-style, as a loquacious commentator. But after making it official today, he threw down his last dunk and bricked his final free throw.

“We did it,” he video-tweeted. “Nineteen years, baby.”

I was lucky enough to be with Shaq when he first suited up, in a preseason game for Orlando against Miami, and when he finally suited down, on the bench for the Celtics last month, body ravaged and spirit damaged. Yes, it was 19 years, baby, of rollicking performances, four championships and then a painful-to-watch fade (aren’t they all) into mediocrity. (Read entire article)