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Specialists focusing on ‘Ethnic’ Dermatology,  gathered in New York for the second annual Skin of Color Seminar Series.

Just as a black woman’s Afro-style locks need a different kind of care than her blond-haired counterpart’s, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for skin care. Dark skin is often mistaken as more resilient than light, when really it’s quite sensitive to and can be damaged by many common dermatological treatments.

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The globeandmail.com reported that this relatively new specialization has taken off in the U.S., where dark-skin-focused dermatologists have established themselves in Miami, Los Angeles and New York. And it makes sense: As demographics shift in major urban centres – Statistics Canada predicts that one in three Canadians will belong to a visible minority by 2031 – dermatologists should be able to treat all skin types. (read entire article)

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