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Parents if you are looking for a safe family movie to take your children to this week. Here it is. The first safe family friendly movie. I am usually super sensitive to what the children watch, but I have finally found one that I have no complaints about at all.

This movie is energy-filled and features non-stop action! As with its predecessor, this film has a lot of fighting in it. There is plenty of martial arts including punching, kicking and in addition objects are thrown and several things are blown up.

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The premise involves Po searching his past and the background he left behind to learn why his true parents didn’t raise him. The deadly peacock stands in his way due to a fortune teller saying Po would stop the peacock from becoming all powerful. There is a bit of humor tossed in as well.

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If parents are looking for something a bit more intellectual they might want to consider “Thor” this weekend. Many kids will love this one, no doubt, but due to the many scenes of fantasy violence we are recommending it for ages twelve and above.