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After exploring every angle as to why he hasn’t returned my call, the words that helped me to move on are ” relationship rejection is god’s protection”.  It is not easy when the one you love (or lust after) doesn’t love you back – ouch!  However, when you take the time to reflect on self-love you can find joy and embrace god’s protection for the rejection.

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Today’s words of comfort for relationship rejection come from TheDailyLove.com.  When we love ourselves, we remember that rejection is protection. When we love ourselves we are careful whom we give our hearts to. When we love ourselves, we see every event of our lives as lessons and know that there are no shortages in The Uni-verse. We know that if it doesn’t work out with that someone you had your eye on, or that job you really wanted, something greater is on the way.

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We love ourselves and are filled with this love; it’s nearly impossible to feel unrequited love from someone else. It’s only when we have given that person power over our lives and control over our emotional well-bring that we can feel unrequited love from them. Feeling unrequited love from someone is a symptom of low self-esteem and a misalignment with your power.

So, if you’re feeling this way, take your power back today. Put your trust in the things that The Uni-verse has in store for you. Let go a little and see what’s next. There is no shortage in The Uni-verse. There is someone perfect for you out there and they will find you as you become more and more of your authentic self.

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When you are feeling the low vibrations of unrequited love, don’t go chasing after it from other people. STOP, check in within yourself and be still. If you seek out the path of trying to fill yourself up from other people or substances, you will only make it worse. Take care of yourself. Do you! Stay in your power and do things that nurture your heart and soul.

This is what I mean when I say, “The only unrequited love that truly exists is towards ourselves.” When we love ourselves, we are not seeking others to fill us and we are free to detach and welcome in the perfect person in the perfect time. And in the meantime, we fill ourselves up so that we have the serenity and joy – so we can step into savoring the waiting, instead of dreading it.

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Feeling unrequited love today? Take your power back, love yourself and watch it go away.

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Sending positve vibes toward the unconditional love of god’s protection– Robin

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