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Sweltering heat and humidity can wreak havoc with your summer makeup looks. Foundation always seem to melt or look gooey, and no powder stands up to those little beads of sweat that collect around your hairline that sometimes rolls right down your face.
Switching up your beauty regimen may be the answer to this issue. Here are a few tricks will get you through a midday make-up meltdown:

‘Vaseline’ Can Be Your Secret Beauty Weapon!

1. Skip the foundation, if possible, and opt for a tinted moisturizer. If foundation is necessary, limit application to the center of the face, steering clear of the hairline.

2. Consider switching to an oil-free formula during the summer months or dilute your everyday foundation with an oil-free moisturizer. This lighter coverage will fare better when temperatures heat up.

3. Dust any coverage with a little loose powder. Use blush sparingly, letting your sun-kissed cheeks grab the attention.

4. Blot any perspiration or oil buildup with non-powdered blotting papers. Or substitute a clean tissue, pressing gently into moist areas.

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‘Vaseline’ Can Be Your Secret Beauty Weapon!