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woman washing faceWhy spend money when you can make your own skin care products with natural and common ingredients that’s already in your home.

Here are some simple skin care routines using 5 ingredients from sheknows.com:

Skin softener recipe

This economical and quick to fix exfoliator will energize you and give you silky smooth skin.

To make skin softener recipe: Mix equal parts of extra virgin olive oil and salt to create a wonderful skin softener. Mix the two so that the salt soaks up the oil.

To use: Scrub your entire body, massaging the mixture into your skin. Wash off thoroughly.

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Luxurious bath recipe

To make luxurious bath recipe: Cut two lemons into super-skinny slivers. Dribble half a dozen drops of olive oil onto citrus slices. Give it a toss and finish with three cups of sea salt. Let mixture cure for five minutes.

To use: While filling your tub with hot steamy water, roil in citrus mixture. Then sit back and enjoy.

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