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These days, going online is as common a way to meet someone as a blind date or the bar scene, and you can connect to people of all ages, religions, professions and backgrounds from all over the globe. Online dating can be a great tool for broadening your options as long as you are smart, are cautious and take some very important safety steps.

  • 1. Verify information on a potential match as thoroughly as possible.
  • 2. Always create a separate e-mail account for your online dating activity.

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  • 3. Get a post office box, rather than using your home address, to register for the dating site. (Do this for all sites where an address is required.)
  • 4. List your cell phone number, not your home number, if the site requires one.

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  • 5. Change your cell phone billing address so it goes to your post office box. That way, if some nut has access to a backward phone book (one with phone numbers in numerical order and their corresponding addresses) he can’t look up your address.
  • 6. When chatting or e-mailing, never give more than a first name, and keep it that way until the first date.
  • 7. Install a privacy checker on your computer. This lets you set privacy standards and be alerted when a dating site doesn’t meet them. These checkers are often free and can be downloaded online. (Read entire article)

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