Not going anywhere this Memorial Day weekend?? Don’t worry, we have a handy guide from on how to make your vacation at home feel like you’ve traveled far and rejuvinated yourself completely.

Do schedule something special every day, even if it’s just a trip to the new coffee shop in town. Other ideas: a hike through the woods, a museum visit or a leisurely lunch with a friend.

Don’t resolve to tackle a long home-repair to-do list. Unless DIY projects are your passion, you’re likely to end up resenting that you used your time off to do work around the house.

Do entertain with a film festival. Pick a genre, and rent a movie for every night of the week. Pop corn with a twist―you can find recipes for pizza-flavored and cinnamon-chocolate popcorn at

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Do indulge in your local cuisine. You’re saving money by not traveling, so why not splurge―at least one night―on a nice restaurant in your area that you normally go to only on special occasions.

Do get the kids into the act. Have them pick a name for the family “hotel,” then get them to make a welcome sign. Kids can pick pretend jobs such as front-desk clerk (they can check in “guests”) and room-service waiter (help them serve breakfast in bed to family members).

Don’t check in with work. So you can truly feel away, avoid contact with your colleagues.

Do embark on a manageable project. Maybe you’ve been meaning to perfect your chocolate mousse recipe. Here’s your chance.

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