suzan-d-johnson-cookSuzan Johnson Cook is busy closing several doors in New York City, in preparation of opening one colossal door to the world.  Almost a year after being nominated by President Obama to serve as ambassador-at-large for International Religious Freedom, she was finally confirmed by the Senate in April.
She’s the first woman and person of African-American descent to be named to this position.”It’s amazing, and I feel so honored to be nominated by the president and confirmed,” Cook said after giving her final sermon at John Street Methodist Church, a few blocks from New York City’s ground zero Wednesday.

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This is not the first historical appointment for her,Suzan Johnson Cook, was the NYPD’s first woman and African-American chaplain in 1990. She has been described  by the New York Times as a cross between Billy Graham and Oprah, it was rather impressive she was so accessible to the Hutchinson News. But that revealed a quality that will serve her well traveling the globe promoting religious freedom. Cook is open to all people and every experience, large or small.
Just as she befriended this reporter 17 years ago when she was a White House Fellow in Washington, D.C., she remains open to everyone — those who might propel her career forward and the little guy, like me.

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