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baseball gameThe end result of any large corporation is to make money. The question at hand is how far is too far? Does focusing on someone’s faith actually encourage attendance? An increasing number of sports teams are using a similar marketing strategy to get people to come out to ballparks and arenas – faith. Major League Baseball teams such as the Cleveland Indians, Houston Astros, Kansas City Royals and San Francisco Giants will hold, or already have held, promotions for Christian groups this season.

The Giants are also planning a Jewish Heritage and LDS Family Night. The Oakland A’s will hold a Jewish Heritage Night with fans getting an A’s yarmulke. The Philadelphia Phillies will also hold a Jewish Heritage Night. The Florida Marlins are offering an Inspirational Forum. And the Colorado Rockies will hold their fifth Faith Day for people of all faiths.

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Other sports teams are doing faith-based promotions as well, including the NBA’s Golden State Warriors (Jewish Heritage Night) and the NHL’s Florida Panthers (Jewish Heritage Night). A Minor League Baseball team in Omaha is planning a Catholic Night.

Not every faith-based promotion begins in a stadium boardroom though. Sometimes, a person like Judy Boen contacts a team and asks them to hold the event. Boen wrote a letter to the St. Louis Cardinals in 1989 and two years later, Christian Family Day was born at Busch Stadium.Over the years, Boen arranged for St. Louis players such as Rex Hudler, Bob Tewksbury, Tony Fossas, Danny Sheaffer and Albert Pujols to share their testimonies with the crowd. The Christian Family Day website chronicles several stories about how God used the event.

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Is it smart marketing or just another way to use people of Faith?

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