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There is nothing more annoying than unforeseen drama when you’re traveling. Whether it’s having to stand barefoot in the airport while you go through the security check or being punished for having one to many luggage pieces, these traveling tips are a sure way to keep your money in your pocket while being the flyest of them all!!!

Learn the rules before entering the friendly skies- Every airlines have different rules their customers must play by, especially when it comes to baggage. Do your research before you pack to know weight restrictions (yes, you will pay extra fees if your luggage is even a pound over the weight limit, trust me, I’ve done the field work), the number of carry-ons you may have, amount of ounces liquids can be in your carry-ons, etc… Know the facts first! It’ll pay off later.

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Make a list, and check it twice- It’s always helpful to make a list of what you’re packing and wearing. Materialize your ideas to make sure everything you bring are a must-have. That way you’ll remember to pack (and repack) everything you need to be your best.

Double up on outfit pieces- When creating your outfits for your fabulous vacation, try to utilize the same shoes and accessories to drop the additional pounds in you bags.

Keep a pair of socks handy– It may sound dumb, but almost every airport these days force you take off your shoes when you’re walking through the security check, and having to place your pretty manicured feet on a filthy floor that everyone and their mama has walked on is just gross. So keep a pair of socks (preferably the slipper socks) handy soothes that uncomfortable situation.

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