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Men love their families just as much as mothers do. For all of you guys who love your kids but can’t be there as much as you would like, here are 4  tips to help you stay connected  at home. Some of these ideas will also apply to men who are separated from their children by a military deployment or divorce.

1- Tell your children about why you’re leaving — what you hope to accomplish and the bigger-picture benefits it will bring to clients, consumers, or families.

2- Leave your family members small gifts or notes of encouragement that they’ll find when you’re gone.

3- Put some planning into your re-entry back home. The first few minutes after you walk in the house can make a big difference. (And save discipline issues and bills until later.)

4- If at all possible,  keep your trips short . Can you squeeze in a late meeting and then fly home late instead of waiting another day? Before a business trip, be sensitive to your wife’s feelings and find ways to lighten her load in some way.

Also, do a few special one-on-one things with each of your kids. Build up a reservoir of time so your absence isn’t quite as difficult.These don’t provide an exhaustive picture, but I hope they will be helpful.

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