My Condolences go out to Mechelle McNair, wife of nearly 12 years to Steve McNair and  to his four sons Junior, Steven, Tyler and Trenton.

Where do I start? After reading varies reports and articles from the Police to friends and family members of both parties and other media outlets, the reaction to the death of Steve McNair is wide-spread.  On one side the opinion is “He got what he deserved for cheating on his wife”.  Another side is saddened by the lost of another great football player and role model.

One thing I do know is that far too often athletes are given a pass on their character and behavior just as long as they can fill stadiums, ball parks and arenas to the brim with fans paying absurd amounts of money to come and see them play.  I know McNair was not actively playing in the NFL but just like most of the players he played with he did not have anyone who would confront him and keep him accountable about his duties as a man and as a husband or else he would not have found himself in this tragic position.

I don’t know if Steve was addicted to sex or women. However, judging by all the reports the way he was openly seeing the 20 year-old Ms. Sahel Kazimi, he was fully committed to being with her instead of his family.  Before you start to think this is a Steve McNair bashing piece it’s not!! Steve is the victim, this is about the power of Sin!!!

Here is were the sin started, according to reports he met Kazimi at Dave and Busters.  The same place where he and his family frequented on several occasions. Just like an addiction, sin can begin in the same way; a person decides to dabble in something and that initial experience creates a desire for more, which over time, leads to a sense of powerlessness before the substance or behavior. Sin is the same way! It attacks the will and the soul, until we are deadened to its impact on our lives.  It becomes a power that seeks to dominate our lives.

And that’s exactly what it did to Steve McNair, it consumed him and destroyed him and possibly his family.  Conversely, if we were to ask him (Steve McNair) right now what would you do if you knew you would be shot dead, leaving your wife and four boys fatherless?  What do you think he would say?  He say the same thing a lot guys have said before “Man I should have never messed with that girl, I should have just took my butt home”.   The Power of sin is deadly!  Paul says in Romans 6:23 For, the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is Eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.  That goes for Christians as well. Your life can be taken sooner than later if you wage in the game of Sin.

Accountability, lets look at the facts.  McNair was killed in a condo that he rented from his friend Wayne Neeley.  The police reports say ” Neeley found the bodies and he called McNair’s good friend Robert Gaddy (Who played at Alcorn St. with McNair) and it was Gaddy who called 911.   By all accounts Neeley and Gaddy were long-time friends of McNair. So it’s safe to say that they knew that he was seeing Ms. Kazimi while he was still married. These two gentlemen have probably been to dinner, birthday parties, etc. with McNair and his family.  They knew what he was doing was wrong, but Neely still rented the Condo to him.  It would seem that Gaddy never made Steve go home or never told Neeley to tear up the rental agreement to the condo Steve used.

I also understand that in order to be held accountable you must first want to and it was obvious that McNair had reached a point in his life were he did not care who was watching. Judges 17:6 explains what happens when there is no one to answer to; “…the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes”.   And in his eyes for the past five or so months it must have seemed right to Steve to have a relationship that included a blissful vacation para-sailing with Kazemi. Photos posted on show McNair gazing at and smiling at the young Kazemi.

Before I go, I just want to say I am a “filthy rag” just as all human beings are – believers are no exception. We will never be perfect or without blame. However, we must understand the power of sin, be honest with ourselves about what our weaknesses are, and make sure we surround ourselves with strong men and women of God, who are willing to put their friendship on the line in order to make sure we stay on the right path. If left unaccountable, we will always lean toward sin, and experience its devastating consquences – concequences which wound us, our loved ones and God.  Who will be available to hold Steve McNair’s sons accountable for living godly lives? Unforntuately, not their father. I mourn over the legacy he leaves them.

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