It’s the little things that make you smile right?  As we’re gearing up for the summer and all that it brings, many of us are fitting in more exercising the best way we can.

5 Natural Jet Lag Remedies

Why not try walking?  The simple movement of our left and right feet can reduce the risk of a long list of health conditions and drop those unwanted pounds.  Who knew that just a little movement could do wonders for our entire body! gives 8 ways to boost your calorie burn with walking.  Check them out!

1. Skip killer hills

Don’t assume the biggest inclines are the best for burning fat. It’s actually better to maintain your speed on a moderate hill than to slow down substantially on a steeper one.

2.  Use your arms

Vigorously pumping your bent arms helps you go faster—and burn more calories.

3.  Set goals you can see

Choose markers (stop sign, park bench, etc.) and speed up until you reach them. Slow down for the same distance.

4.  Wipe the pavement

Roll through from heel to toe. When you get to the ball of your foot, push off as if wiping gum off your sole. This will get your calf, hamstring, and glute muscles involved—and the more muscle you use, the more calories you burn.

Wanna know more? Click here for tips #5-8

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