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The remaining members of the Hip Hop generation that wear sagging pants will need to look into a new wardrobe or be fine or jailed. Though it’s been a fashion statement for many, its going to have to end pretty soon as the laws spread from state to state. Florida senators are  in the midst of passing a law that will not allow men or women to wear their pants below the waist if it exposes their underwear in public or school settings.

Last year there was great debate on this site about it in the opinion story: Is “Pants On The Ground” A Reason To Pull Them Up?

State Senator Gary Siplin has been working to get this law passed for nearly six years that was a concern for dress codes in schools. SB 228 and House version, HB 61, makes it against the law when boys wear their pants so low that you’re able to see their underwear, stated reports.

A Florida school principal, Kevin Gordon says:

“If you are not dressed appropriately, then you’re not ready for school. If you are not ready for school, you’re not ready to be successful.” It definitely sends a message that boys and girls need to dress appropriately at all times in the public.

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