6 Ingredients To Lasting Relationships

Throughout your life you will develop hundreds of relationships, from the important ones, to the ones that won’t quite matter as much. The very first relationships in our lives are the most important ones, because from there we learn to trust and receive love. Some of us had parents or guardians that were affectionate and taught us the morals, values and principles that make us the adults we are today. But since everyone doesn’t have the same foundation, many adults have short-comings and do not understand how relationships should work.

Growing up, I witnessed all types of dysfunctional relationships, from my parents’ to screaming matches from the violent couple who lived next door to us. And because of this, I spent several of my young adult years confused as to why my own relationships were dysfunctional. I wasn’t unaware that my actions and thoughts were a reflection of my views about relationships in general. Eventually,  I broke the vicious cycle of the behavior that I was putting out and learned the proper ingredients to healthy relationships.

Here are 6 keys to a good relationship:

1. Friendship

2. Respect

3. Honesty

4. Trust

5. Understanding

6. Communication

As adults, we can no longer blame our upbringing or past on why we are the way we are, or why we only relate to certain types of people and situations. We are all capable of having long-lasting, meaningful relationships while we are on this journey called life.

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