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I am doing my best to please you with all that I am and all that I have and all that you have given to me.  I know that the power of your Holy Spirit is at work within me to obtain wealth so that I do not have to live hand to mouth and that I would be able to help advance Your kingdom here on earth. Your Spirit is my spirit Lord.  We are one.  I am to accomplish even greater works than you did. I know that you are at work in the heart of the kings, stirring them like the rivers of water in order to grant me favor.  I know that you would never leave me nor forsake me.  I know that you have promised to bless the fruit of my hands. You said that YOU are my husband.

Father, I believe…help my unbelief!


This has been a rough couple of days.  In the picking up the pieces of my life part of this journey I’ve been on, I bought a car so that my son and I could get from point A to point B.  I was so proud of my accomplishment.  We had the keys and were mobile.  Two days later I discovered it has a pre-existing transmission issue.  WHOA!  I can’t tell you how for the life of me I knew it was the transmission, but I did.  I think I remembered that AAMCO commercial from long ago when the car sputtered to get to the door of the mechanic.  Yup!  That’s me – just a sputtering.  Needless to say, I am incensed.  I’ve been back and forth with the used car dealer that I purchased it from who conveniently became ill the day I was to go in to trade it.  I thought to myself, what a crock.  It was at that very moment, in the thick of the goings on that I was reminded just how much the concept of being married really meant to me.  It wasn’t just the pillow talk.  It wasn’t just the license to intimacy, it’s was the fact of knowing that someone was there as a shoulder to lean on when I needed – the friendship, the ability to know that someone had my back – someone was there for me- ride or die (at least I thought that’s what was there for me). It became apparently clear in the exchanges I was having that I am completely and totally dependent upon God at this time in my life.  He is my husband. I need for Him to listen as I moan about the stuff in my life and for Him to show me how to visually embrace the wisdom that I already possess.  Now I know I am not the first woman to become a single mommy and I won’t be the last, but all I ask Him is to help my unbelief.  Help me catch a glimpse in these times where it seems the problem outweighs the solution.  I need that – because this is no joke!  I know for a fact that GREAT and mighty things are in store for me but the journey to greatness is a booger.  Here’s my reassurance, my Husband now…He NEVER lies.  He is incredible!  If He promised it…it’s a done deal.  So with that I say, “Thank you & Amen.”

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