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Usually when we think of  adoptions ,we do not think of African American children as being key. New numbers are proving this to be the complete opposite. There are dozens of children  who need loving homes and care. We cannot let these children just fade into the system to be forgotten. We see  actors and actresses stepping forward adopting minority children.

With 130,000 children adopted each year in the USA, researchers find growing numbers involve kids whose race is different from their parents’.

About 84 percent of children adopted from other countries are either trans-racial or trans-ethnic.

The most common type of adoption in the USA is from foster care, which makes up 68% of adoptions, compared with 17% for infants adopted domestically and 15% from international adoption, Pertman says.

To read more about family adoptions you may go here.

If you would like to adopt you can visit: http://www.adoptuskids.org/resourcecenter/howtoadopt.aspx

Good luck! There is a child out there that needs your love.

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