Kirk Franklin Puts Music On Back Burner

From LA Focus Newspaper Online

Over 1,000 kids aged 13 to 22 crammed into the Florence campus of the Inglewood, Ca,-based, Faithful Central Bible Church to hear gospel dynamo Kirk Franklin minister on life and his take on the issues that have so freely defined him and them.

By the time the near three-hour long service had come to an end, more than three dozen youth had accepted Christ and Franklin had apologized to any parent who might have been offended by the often-graphic way in which he spoke to their kids.

The program, dubbed the “Takeover”, whose mission it is to touch the lives of young people in the Los Angeles area and recapture lost youth has transformed the lives of a growing number of kids and services like these—and not music— have increasingly become what’s taking up the time of gospel’s biggest selling music star.

“It’s about all the issues Christians face in life,” Franklin said. “Very honest. Very street. It’s my voice and the way that I see them as being wrong and then my approach on how to make them right.

And while it has been keenly effective with youth, Franklin’s ministry is hardly limited.

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