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If any one person knows about living through difficult times , that person would  be Juanita Bynum I spoke to Juanita late last year and  she was healed and  redefined. Please watch  “Video: Juanita Bynum II 2010 Redefined The Purpose in Life” to see how she has been doing.  She says that  2010 was a  year of change and rebirth for her. Having survived the  media storm of her marriage, and divorce playing  out in front of cameras was not only stressful but  defeative.  It was compounded by  her ex- husband  press junkets claiming she was an inept and other things.  ABC Television’s  news show  20/20  did an hour long  special feature on her former husband, in which he played half truths to the camera. It was under all these circumstances that  she endured scorn, hatred and rejection from churches, friends and family. She discussed the trying times that  followed after  in her first interview with me. You can wtach that here VIDEO:Juanita Bynum II Proves Pain Can Inspire You

Recently she was asked what type of advice would she give Bishop Long to survive  his dark season. This  is what she said by watching the video that can be viewed at Praise Philly radio. Please click here to see.

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