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Spring is here… the sun is shining, the weather is warming up, the flowers are blooming and it’s time for some Fun! For many of us this has been a long cold brutal winter.  It takes a moment to embrace the warmth and the sun but when you do, you should enjoy it. Here are some fun things to do to kick off spring.

You can try some or all. It’s just a way to get you started as the season changes.

1-Go Bike Riding – dust off your bikes, strap on your helmets and find the nearest bike track or safe place to go for a ride. It’s great exercise.

2-Go for a Walk – even the youngest members of the family can join in on this one, It’s a great way  to get some fresh air and exercise.

3-Go to the Park or local playground and play on the swings, the slides and in the sandpit, try out all the equipment.

4-Fly a Kite – if it is a windy day try flying a kite with the kids, they will love to watch it soar above the trees and have a chance to hold the string.

5-Go on a Picnic – food always tastes better when eaten outside, let them help you pack lots of yummy healthy food into the picnic basket.

6- Paint the fence – young kids love this one, get a small bucket and fill with water then let the kids paint with large paintbrushes, the fence, the house the pavement.

7- Plant a garden – make a special garden patch for the kids with flowers or vegetables, let them plant them, water them and watch them grow. Even if its just bringing home a simple plant, you are refreshing your home.

8-Go sit outside. It’s amazing how just simple sitting outside can recharge your battery. Do a Chalk Drawing on the pavement, get the kids to lie down and then trace around them, they can draw in eyes, mouth, clothes etc.

Most of all, whatever you Do – Have Fun

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