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James Fortune is a student and teacher that once you turn your life’s ship around you can find safe ground. You are inspired when you the vocals sung “it’s going to get better” because “your blessing is already done.”

Recently James sat down to talk candidly about life’s choices and what his path has been in his life.

He has taken the initiative and believes his mission is to draw lost souls to Christ, encourage you to share in Christ’s unconditional love and peace, and live a life free from bondage and strongholds in God’s abundance according to John 10:10.

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Fortune constantly writes ballads and Sunday morning worship songs, collaborates with stellar producers and songwriters, and creates music complete with life transforming principles.

He invites you to transform your life and remain committed to your God given journey. As a solid family he recognizes that obedience and yielding to the Will of God is what keep his life on the straight and narrow.

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