I have my moments when I believe I’m done with meat all together.  However, I have a few things that I still get “weak in the knees” for.  A few things are simple to turn away from but those darn chicken wings “keep calling me!“. Also, going all the way seems way too much but I know it can be done.  Am I Ready?

Kathy Freston of Huffington Post shares her journey on becoming a veganist that was a gradual transition.  Raised in the South, she admits her love once upon a time for ribs, chicken fried steak, milkshakes and cheesy grits. It wasn’t until her 30’s that she began to pay attention to what was being put into her body and the effects.

Freston’s testimony is so believable and moving that someone who is ready to turn away from meat and dairy, may do so.

She states “the benefits are weight loss, prevention and reversal of disease, increased longevity, the pride of knowing that you are radically reducing your carbon footprint, money saved, and the sense that you are evolving as a conscious and compassionate human being.

Eating vegan is a substantial pillar to our health and well being; it’s good for us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Food is so foundational, so much a part of our daily routine. It reflects who we are and what we value. So eating a vegan diet is the perfect opportunity to put into action — regularly — what’s important to us” says Freston.

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