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While it’s essential to have an emergency fund for those unexpected situations that require some extra cash, it’s a good idea to cut your spending and save every way that you can. Your financial goals will never be met if you are not disciplined in this department. If you ever ask someone who became rich how’d they do it, they will most likely tell you that they didn’t spend money when they didn’t need to. So before you splurge on things that you don’t really need, ask yourself if you can really afford it? Even if you can, it’s always smart to penny pinch your way to into a small fortune! Here are 5 ways that you can save more money.

1. Pay Your Bills On Time – When you are late paying bills, you not only jeopardize your credit, but there are usually late fees and other financial penalties are the byproduct of disorganization. Who wants to receive an annoying call from some bill collector reminding  you of an unpaid balance or get a nasty letter from a creditor? To avoid missed deadlines, set up some kind of reminder system. It doesn’t make sense to pay additional fees for bills that you can clearly avoid.

2. Do It Yourself – DIY whenever  you can! For me, this means giving myself a manicure and pedicure instead of my usual pricey health spa. But for  you, this could mean other personal grooming chores such as, car-washing, lawn mowing, painting or any chore that currently costs you a fee each month. With better organization some chores and personal tasks can become money-saving, do-it-yourself projects (and you might even have fun doing it!)

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3. Unplug Appliances – Even when not used, appliances such as cell phone chargers, curling irons, coffee makers, microwaves and other appliances drain energy when plugged into wall sockets. Be sure to unplug appliances when they are not in use. Learn the art of saving energy and money and your electricity bill will significantly decrease, saving  you some ends.

4. Use Coupons – There are lots of money saving coupons inside of your local newspaper and online at your favorite online stores. They are not just there to take up space, they are there so that you can save some cash. Take advantage of special offers, discounts and promotions that you can find on the products and services that you use frequently. You are bound to rack up on savings.

5. Join The Club – If your local drugstore or supermarket offers a free savings or point program, sign up for it. You have nothing to lose, but a few minutes of your time and money. Studies have shown that over a period of time, racking up points at retail stores such as Rite Aid, CVS or Giant Foods, consumers noticed significant savings on their everyday shopping needs.

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