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Nicole C Mullen reminds us that God is never quite through with us yet. We are works in progress each day of our lives. While she  graced the stage at the National Religious Broadcasters convention recently with two musical performances, she said she always remembers how insufficient and unqualified she is.

Mullen is one of the most respected artists in contemporary Gospel and R&B. The winner of multiple Dove Awards and a Grammy Award revealed that even though her career proves her to be one of the most talented musicians, she doesn’t cease to forget her humble background and that she is not the most qualified before God.

“I’m here not because I’m the greatest singer or the greatest writer, or because I’m the most qualified, I’m here because God decided saying, ‘I’m going to use that one to show my glory’ and that was His decision but it’s for us to be available and to open up our lives to Him and say ‘flow in me,’”

Mullen recalled that her lifelong career only allowed her to see that “the Lord is able to take the little and make it much.”  Through her new songs she wishes to comfort people who only see disaster after disaster when they turn on the news, such as the recently uprisings in the Middle East, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and starving people.

Nicole will be formally inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame on Nov. 5.  You can read the article here  Christian Music Hall of Fame Announces 2011 Hall of Fame Inductees.

When asked about the best advice for aspiring artists, she said that “First of all I would say, take your gift and pray about it, give it to the Lord if you feel like he has gifted you to sing or to play or to do drama or anything in the arts make sure you are committed to Him” followed by a recipe of incessant practice.

She also wants  future artists to know that if they have to begin their career by performing in small venues, or even nurseries or just in front of three people then let it be so because “if you are found faithful in the little then according to the scriptures He’s able to make a little bit much.”

Her formula for success constitutes of having absolute faith because without faith “we will lose a whole lot; we will not have gained anything.”

Her new album “Captivated” was released early this month. This was her first worship project in partnership with Maranatha Music. The album is titled after the song, “Holy Captivated,” a personal song that talks about how her “soul is commanded to bless you; it is a journey to scream out, Holy is the Lord God all mighty, worthy is the lamb to receive our greatest adoration.”

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