What would you do if you were once an 83 year old facing eternity on your deathbed, and an angel of God reversed time and allowed you to start over at your current age? Would you have a different attitude about life than you do now? How would your view of time change? Would you do anything differently?

What risks would you take? I believe I heard Myles Munroe once say that it’s not the diamond mines of South Africa or the vast oil fields of the Middle East that hold the world’s greatest riches. It’s the local cemeteries around your city or town that possess the richest deposits on earth. Unfulfilled purposes and dreams unrealized reside there. The cure for cancer, that life changing invention, the business that could revolutionize the way we all live and operate, are buried there. We have all lost experiencing “what could have been” because those incredible ideas and dreams never saw the light of day.

What holds us back? Fear of disappointment? Fear of failing at bringing the vision to pass? Afraid no money can possibly be made from the dream?

We all have been created and designed by God who has deposited into us a life call and purpose. And it is He who will provide for all our needs as we pursue, perform and operate in accordance to the call He has placed on our individual lives.

I hear the lament of some who may state that they have no idea what that call is. This may be a valid reason for not living the life of purpose we have all been required to lead. That situation will be the topic of another blog. This word is for those who KNOW what they have been called by God to do but hesitate, through fear, to heed that call.

Walk with me here and honestly assess every reason (or excuse) you have for not operating in your call right now. Is it lack of funding? What are you doing to generate the funding? Is it lack of education or experience? What is the strategy to obtain what’s needed to move forward? Come on. Dig deep. The solution to every obstacle comes with the obstacle and will be made manifest when you make an honest effort to move forward toward your God-given dream and calling.

Our fears in most cases are nothing more than paper tigers that fold and yield when confronted. In most cases, our biggest hurdle to cross is not external. It’s the internal, self-created obstacles we develop in our own minds.

Today, question the excuses that hold you back. The voice you hear that’s telling you to wait, is it from God? Or is the voice you hear the sound of your own self-imposed doubt and fears that’s collaborating with the enemy of your God-given potential? You were 83 years old once, and now have a new life. What are you going to do with it?

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