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Half way through the year, are you figuring out how to keep up with all of your 2011 goals?   I am figuring it out, therefore after some research, I found these 3 top time management tips from Time-Management-Guide.com and I wanted to share them with you.

1.  Time log techniques

Time tracking with a time log is much more than a boring exercise in book keeping. If you approach it right, it will become a very effective time management learning tool. A few minutes of writing and analyzing your time and activity logs will eliminate many hours of wasted time.

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2. Embrace the reality of your personal time

Unless this has already happen to you before, your time log is more than likely to surprise you. You will see how much time is wasted in many unexpected ways. Often it appears that the busier you feel the more time is wasted.

Another important discovery is how much time things really take. One of the most common problems in personal time management is underestimating the time needed for each specific activity. First this is one of the reasons why planning and scheduling do not seem work well for some people. If you always expect much more than you can fit in your time, than writing plans and to do lists just gets you more stressed.

Get a realistic picture of your time and you will feel much more in control. In fact, you will move much faster with less stress.

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3.  Preparing and writing your time log

You don’t need to keep writing a time log permanently. It is sufficient to do it for 3-7 days, and repeat this procedure time after time. Yet, when you write a time log, make sure you don’t miss any even minor activity. Don’t let your time wasters to hide there. So that not to waste much time on writing time tracking records, take a little preparation step. Take a sheet of paper and divide it into columns named like

* Time

* Activities

* Scheduled

* Interrupted

* Urgent

* People (involved)

Then continue with activities you would normally do that day. On the way, update your time log. Do it either every time you switch to new activity or at some short time intervals, like 10-20 minutes. Add entries to your “Time” and “Activities” column, and try to put marks like “Yes” or “No” in the “Scheduled”, “Interrupted”, and “Urgent” columns. Where relevant, make short notes on what people you spend time with too.

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