Last Sunday, June 14, 2009, Tersea Hairston, publisher of Gospel Today Magazine announced that the magazine would return to store shelves. The magazine was taken off the shelves after severe backlash for the controversial article on Women in the Pulpit. Apparently owners of Lifeway bookstores do not believe that women should hold such a high position in the church. Because of that the magazine was removed from a 120 Lifeway bookstores and the avalanche affect of that, advertisers began to pull out as well. Due to the severe deficit, the magazine was removed from store shelves and was put on-line. The Lord has led Hairston to put the magazine back in print.

Her words of encouragement/testimony to others this morning:

“The word says that the weapons would not prosper, but it didn’t say the weapons would not form. Don’t give up. She shared that out of the frustration of the backlash, she quit after 20 years in publishing. She told the Lord that she would not move until He told her what to do. She shared that the Lord told her that He was just waiting for her flesh to get out of the way, so that he could do what he wanted to do. Allow the promise of God to be resurrected in your life. It will be a testimony.”

As a personal testimony, my first article was published in Gospel Today. It has been a vehicle for so many. If possible, please support this ministry. Log on to the website to subscribe. The subscription price is nominal. To subscribe to Gospel Today visit them at

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