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This Sunday, after my pastor’s heartfelt sermon, he lead the congregation as we joined hands and sang “We Shall Overcome.”  As we sang and harmonized this anthem, I surveyed the sanctuary and observed everyone spiritually connected with this song.  I’m so glad he initiated this lovely song. 

The history of “We Shall Overcome”  is an interesting one.  Cynthia C. Scott of Yahoo! details the story that began as a gospel song written by Philadelphia writer Charles Albert Tindley and escalated into the classic protest anthem.  Singers like Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, Joe Glazer embraced this song. Even Senator Robert F. Kennedy led a crowd during an anti-apartheid rally in South Africa in 1966.  The anthem became a key song associated with the civil rights movement and continues to hold strong still today.

Click here for Yahoo! Associated Content’s article – “We Shall Overcome”: The History Behind The Ultimate Protest Song

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