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What do you do when you think your spouse wants to leave you, your job doesn’t understand you and the bottle calls you? Do you just give up or do you make everyone else pay?

The first four moments of the movie shake you to your core when you meet these questions head on.

The Grace Card tells the story of two cops, Mac McDonald and Sam Wright, assigned to ride patrol together. Mac McDonald is a miserable person.  Seventeen years ago, his young son was hit and killed by a car.   His anger is still impacting both his family life and his job as a cop.  His surviving son Blake is hanging out with a bad crowd and flunking out of school.  His wife is seeking counseling to cope with their unhappy life.  His supervisor at the police department is also concerned about his attitude and assigns him a partner, which Mac is not happy about. His new partner is Sam Wright, who is a part-time pastor who would like it to be full time.  He is a cop in order to provide for his family.

You meet Mac at the lowest point in life. He is angry and loveless. Just when you think he can’t possible go any lower he surprises you. Sam on the other hand looks and acts on Faith. He even takes the “unfortunate” assignment in stride. Their first moments in the car are absolutely breath taking when they get to the real core of what is bothering Mac.

As you journey along with them on patrol you are called to face challenging questions about our family, personal and professional lives. Just how are we living it? What is that life? Is it a life at all? Are we alive?

Mac and Sam are missing something in their life; Mac has shut God out of his life for a long time, and Sam begins to doubt his calling as a pastor.

Sam relies on his faith, and guidance from his grandfather George (Louis Gossett Jr.) who gives us one of the most poignant awe inspiring moments in the film in his heart to heart with him.

The movie keeps you on your seat with constant twists and unexpected turns is  that will move you to make a few decisions immediately at the end of viewing. I think fathers and sons in particular should go see this movie.

Watch the trailer below and make plans for a night out.

Produced by John Nasraway, John R. Saunders, and Howard Klausner,  is a film directed by David G. Evans, starring Michael Joiner, Mike Higgenbottom, and Louis Gossett Jr. and written by Howard Klausner.  The film is shot entirely in Memphis,Tennessee.

Director David Evans said about 90 percent of the 40 full-time crew members are Mid-Southerners, as are almost all the 100-plus supporting actors and extras. They volunteered more than 10,000 hours, working day and night to shoot the film in 28 days.The film’s budget is under $500,000.

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