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I’m sure we’re all well acquainted with the trials and tribulations of former soon to hopefully be back on the field NFL quarterback Michael Vick.  Not content with the one hundred and thirty something MILLION dollar contract that he signed several years ago with the Falcons he decided that in addition to dodging three hundred plus pound linemen he needed a bit more excitement in his life.  So he turned to dog fighting.  Vick helped to organize and lead a ring of pit bulls that fought to the death.  When his mischief was discovered I belief most of us were shocked at the publics reaction.  Animal lovers came out of the woodworks, and news stories flooded the media of not only how much people were outraged by Vicks actions, but also how much they loved their dogs.  I remember reading one story of a woman who had bequeathed her dog twelve million dollars!

Admittedly I’m not the biggest dog lover in the world, so you can understand why I didn’t jump on the crucify Mike Vick Purina Train.  And even though I was like, “Come on people, they’re dogs,” I understood that Vick broke the rules and should receive some sort of consequences.  But two years in jail?  Having to repay his signing bonus?  Filing for bankruptcy?  Dismissed from his team?  Over dogs?

To add to my confusion was yesterday’s revelation that another NFL player, Donte Stallworth, just received thirty days in jail for, you ready for this?  KILLING A PERSON!  Did you hear that?  Do you get the picture?  Huh?  In America I can kill a person  and get thirty days, but don’t mess around and kill Fido, you’ll get two years!  What are we saying here, people?  Are we saying that dogs are more valuable than humans?  That’s what it sounds like to me!

All this is happening while the abortion issue continues to be just as volatile as ever.  Conservative estimates say that over a million babies a year are killed.  Now I’m not trying to offend, nor am I even lobbying anyone to become pro life, what I am saying is that it’s an absolute shame to live in a country where people show more passion and anger over the death of a dog than they do a baby!