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Nadine Thompson, who is today writing her own chapter of business history, is the embodiment of that singular characteristic — vision. It is the visualization and foresight of what a company should be and will be. As the Co-Founder and former President and CEO of Warm Spirit, a unique direct-sales company that produced herbal beauty products, Thompson says, “The driving force behind the success of Warm Spirit is that I created a vision, and never strayed from it.

“Simply put, I launched Warm Spirit with the vision to create quality products, to empower people to put self- and health-care first, and to create entrepreneurial opportunities for our consultants,” Thompson continues. “Over the years, I had many nay-sayers and many doubters. But I refused to lose sight of my vision. I never let that go.”

The result of Thompson’s vision? Warm Spirit. Founded in 1999, the company produced a comprehensive collection of nature-based beauty and wellness products. The unique creations were supplied to customers through a nationwide network of more than 30,000 independent consultants. The company transformed the face of the direct sales and network marketing industry by providing an opportunity for wealth-building and financial freedom that had not always been accessible for women—and even less so for the African-American community.

Today, taking her vision and empowerment acumen to another level, Thompson has moved on from Warm Spirit to establish Nadine Thompson Enterprises, including her new retail venture, Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company – an innovative direct selling company that will launch in January, 2008.

“The unique selling proposition of Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company is strengthened by the fact that all members of this community will also have an opportunity to become shareholders in the enterprise,” says Thompson. “With Soul Purpose’s new marketing and compensation plan, wealth and profits will recycle directly back into the households and communities of its stakeholders.”

Check out this interview with Nadine Thompson:

SISTAH TALK TV SHOW CHRISTMAS DAY SPECIAL with Nadine Abraham Thompson CEO / Founder o f Soul Purpose interviewed by Host Dietra Kelsey Zakkee Z. Starman Producer / Director.

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