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Can’t wait… Its Friday and I can’t wait.  Weekend are for weddings.  I am so excited for the brides and grooms.  New marriages made in Heaven and taking place right here on earth.  The guests wear party dresses and heels.  Not the tennis shoes and sweats that are my weekly uniform of choice.  With six children, I must have stain resistant clothing on at all times, especially things that can be washed in my washer and dryer.  No dry cleaners for me.  Children spill milk, waste syrup, and touch you with dirty, filthy hands – and all of those things get on my clothing.

Let’s not talk about that but more about the weddings.  Oh, weddings, I love weddings.  Weddings are new beginnings.  Weddings are when new entities are formed.  Weddings are just beautiful and lovely.  The most intimate relationship one can have is in marriage and that starts with a wedding.  This threefold institution (God, husband, and wife) is joined together spiritually by God, legally by covenant, and physically upon consummation.  For this reason alone, everyone should understand wedding traditions.

When you enter the wedding ceremony, there is usually an aisle with a runner down its center.  Most weddings use a white runner.  Because God is in the midst of all weddings (He created them), the venue is considered Holy.  The runner symbolizes Holy ground.  The wedding party is walking on Holy ground for the covenant ceremony with God.  Oh by the way, so are you when you enter.

No man should be dragged, shot-gunned, or threaten into marriage nor can someone make him.  Why?  The groom is the covenant initiator.  He enters the ceremony first to signify this fact.  The covenant initiator has the greater responsibility to see that the covenant is fulfilled.  That means God holds the husband responsible for the marriage, y’all.  For instance, God initiated the covenant with Abraham and Jesus did the same with us for salvation; therefore, they are responsible for the covenant to be kept. The groom enters the ceremony first to signify that he is the covenant initiator.

One of the most precious bridal accessories is the veil.  The bride has agonized to find the perfect one.  A veil signifies the sanctity and exclusiveness of the marriage covenant.  Marriage is only for the three of them (God, husband, and wife).  Veils are to physically separate the bride from the groom which indicates God designed the physical relationship to happen in marriage.  After the vows are completed, the physical separation can cease which usually happens with a kiss.  Remember, when Christ fulfilled the covenant of salvation (dying on the cross), the veil in the temple was ripped (taken away).  This allowed us to have a deeper relationship with Him.  Also, when we become saved, we are no longer on the other side of the veil from God.

Notice during the ceremony that the bride and groom hold hands, especially when the vows are exchanged.  The holding of the hand is such a sweet gesture.  Did you know that the open right hand symbolizes the strength, resources, and purpose of a person?  So, that means that by holding each other’s right hand, they are pledging these things to each other.  God gives us His saving strength with His right hand.  During the marriage, the bride and groom can depend upon the “open right hand” of their spouse to enhance and support the covenant relationship.

Many people wear wedding rings once they marry.  When you marry, you are no longer your own.  The husband is his wife’s, and the wife is her husband’s.  God places the two of you together for each other.  The ring symbolizes the transfer of authority, strength, protection, and identification.  Ever look into the sky after a storm and see a rainbow.  Well, rainbows are the symbol God used to remind all about the covenant established with Noah.  When viewed from the sky, a rainbow is a circle.

Some people believe that signing the guest book is just so the bride and groom know where to send the thank you notes.  But, this is one of the most significant traditions.  The guests are very vital to the marriage. They are more than the people who buy the gifts, eat the food, and dance to the music.  They are the official witnesses to the covenant.  Throughout the marriage, they remind the couple of the covenant that was made on their wedding day because they were there too.  God encourages the couple to keep their marriage vows through the guests who were at the wedding and heard them pledge.

So many different things happen on the wedding day.  But, the most important is the marriage covenant made with God.  Wow, wedding days are glorious days.  Angels are singing because a new entity is formed which glorifies God.  The enemy is angry and God is joyous.  And, the guests get to be witnesses.  I am so excited, I can’t wait.  Of course, that’s why all I can say is THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY.

adapted from material used by Faithful Central Bible Church’s Marriage Preparation Workshop

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