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Light is life. This is true for all people in all climates and all times. And it explains why for thousands of years people of all religions and no religion have come together in December to celebrate the sun light.

What are your favorite winter spiritual rituals?  Please leave your comment below.

Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa – all the major winter spiritual rituals place

reconnection at their core. Each in the their own way invite us to re-weave family ties, rekindle

hope that’s been lost, re-commit to simple, fundamental human values such as peace,

kindness, human unity and love. But what ends up dominating? Speed, shopping lists and

piles of plastic.

Here are 3 tips to help you reconnect with winter spiritual rituals:

1.  Honor a Holiday That Worked – What are your favorite memories of past winter rituals and see if you can recreate a new version this year.

2.  Reconnect With and Take Seriously a Holiday Message – Take time to think about what is meaningful to you.  Is it reuniting with friends and family or a time for spiritual self reflection?

3.  Get Rid of a Piece of Junk – The end of the year is a great time to get rid of the old to make room for the new.

4.  Research and Review a Ritual That Is New To You. I grew up celebrating Christmas and recently I have been embracing the spiritual ritual of acknowledging the Winter Solstice .  This year I will be more open the the winter spiritual ritual that embraces African American culture, Kwanzaa

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