Is There A Cure For Aids? Dr. Sebi Says Yes.

I hope you enjoyed the Dr. Mercola interview. He provides so much hard-hitting and some say controversial information.  The next individual I am featuring is equally controversial,Dr. Sebi. Dr. Sebi has claimed to cure Aids, Diabetes and Cancer. He is known as a Doctor to the stars in the African American Community, he has been linked to such celebrities as Michael Jackson and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez.  I found five videos that are very informative and entertaining. He discusses alkaline vs acidity, religion, herbs his run in with the FDA  and just life in general. In one of the videos Dr. Sebi says “Aids is the easiest thing to cure”. He also talks about Africa and it sounds like Africa is just as corrupt as everywhere else. There are a total of 7 videos in this series. I posted five but I recommend you check out all seven. Once again enjoy and I welcome your comments.

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