Recently I was talking to a group of my sorority sisters who were raving about their pole dancing lessons. The conservative part of me thought, ‘Pole dancing? Oh my! How ballsy!’ But something about it intrigued me. Yup! The once stripper identified hardware has now become an instrument of excitement for a variety of unsuspecting households. The intense workout that swinging from the elongated metal rod brings is reconstructing the sexy for women who would otherwise subject themselves to the traditional methods of bedroom entertainment. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I think women have figured out some things to do that will keep the flavor savory.

Well…I then decided to do my due diligence. I wondered, ‘What are Christians saying about this whole phenomenon?’ Well as you can imagine, many of the questions I read were…is this Christ-like? Can God be glorified from me pole dancing? But one particular article in the caught my attention. A contributor commented, “It’s just a matter of time before the Pastor weaves poll dancing into church,” it read. I think that is a pretty extreme perspective although one Pastor is actually considering incorporating the pole into the praise dance routines. I think that is a far stretch and I think we can rest assured knowing that will not become the norm for your local Bible toting ministry established upon the premises of the Holy Bible. But certainly Jesus Himself would not have been swinging from a pole in the middle of the Garden of Gethsemane and he would not have condemned anyone for doing it either. Yet and still the Bible makes it real clear that we are all to have our own spouse and with them to render our bodies to one another. Now…however you chose to do that is completely up to you. The pole happens to be an answer that many women are using to learn how to turn the freak on for their husbands and be in the best shape of their lives doing it. In another article, some of the women, who happened to be Christian, were defending themselves swearing up and down that they weren’t learning the art of pole for eroticism but rather to take the stigma off of it. Whatever! A pole is meant to be erotic. And ladies, it’s okay to be that for your husband. Reality is; if you aren’t, somebody will at least proposition him. Although I am no longer married, I am completely in support of preparing myself with some very healthy pole work in anticipation for my Solomon – who by the way expressed incredible sexual desires for the Shulamite woman – his beloved. I figure its best for me to be as prepared and uninhibited as possible…a whole other blog I dare expound on. Ha!

But back to the question of, “Is pole dancing Christ-like?” Personally, I think Jesus would be pleased to know that you are willing to go to such lengths in an effort to please your husband. I mean, reality is, we are all sexual beings right? There is no mystery to that. And men are visual. That is no surprise. Why not give them something to be excited about – you. Imagine a pole welded onto the floor of the master suite and when you both enter the quiet sanctity of your bedroom; he knows that on any given day, you will provide him with a very pleasant appetizer to your well spent evening. Yes! You might have a little explaining to do when it comes to the children coming in and out, but for all they know it’s simply a version of the monkey bar that they swing on from on the playground. And okay yes, the whole pole idea was birthed from the strip club where women performed acrobatic tricks while men took money out of their wallets and stuffed it in some very interesting crevices that the scantily clad woman would bear. But we’re not talking about THAT woman, we’re talking about YOU. We’re talking about making sure that you keep your husband interested in you. All too often I hear women say, well if he’s going to leave or cheat, there isn’t anything that you can do. And you know what, you’re right. If he’s a jerk, he’s gonna be a jerk no matter what, whether you are swinging from the pole or the chandelier. I am a living witness that if deception is going to take place, it will. Period! But I am also a witness to the fact that the longer you stay apart, it gives the adversary a footstool. Your husband married YOU, the wife of his youth, not his mother. Whichever way you slice it, we have an obligation to have sex with our husbands. We do! Why not make it entertaining? Who wants the same old dry routinely rehearsed intimacy. I know I’d be willing to give it a try.

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