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In the United State of America, there is pride in our liberty.  The Statue of Liberty shines in New York Harbor beckoning people to our shores.  We have the liberty to choose religion, sexual preference, abortion, democrat, republican, among many other choices.  That is what is truly great about our country.  Many people from all over the world want to live and play in America.  America is the land of the free and brave.

In expressing our liberty, President Barack Obama signed proclamations claiming June to be LGBT Pride Month and May 7, 2009 as National Day of Prayer.  These two proclamations were signed under much scrutiny with both sides calling foul.  Then, the Obama administration wrote legal briefs defending the Defense of Marriage Act in California.  And, President Obama has said Jesus’ name in public more times than George W. Bush.  Both the LGBT and faith-based communities want President Obama to begin the task of implementing policies that directly affected its community, i.e., standing up for same-sex marriages or hosting Christian events at the White House.  Both communities are not receiving true liberty for their causes.

Sexual expression is one of the gifts God has given us.  There is uproar in the Porn Industry because several stars are receiving positive test results for HIV/AIDS.  Actors receive more pay for not using a condom.  Heterosexual actors are not encouraged to protect themselves.  The industry refuses to follow laws requiring protection when bodily fluids and blood are present in work situations.  And, the industry refuses to report personal information of an positive tested patients to governmental authorities who prevent community outbreaks.  The industry and its actors are not receiving true liberty of their cause.

Graduating students all over this nation have fought for the liberty to express their religious beliefs.  In Florida, the graduating seniors at Pace High School in Sarasota County protested the denial of their religious liberty by standing and saying the Lord’s Prayer shortly after the graduation ceremony began.  An UCLA student, Christina Popa, fought for her right to have “I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” read as she crossed the stage to get her diploma.   These graduates experienced a touch of true liberty in their causes.

True liberty can only be found in God.  He tells us in 2 Corinthians 3:17, “Now the Lord is that Spirit: and were the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”  Mirriam-Webster’s dictionary defines liberty as permission especially to go freely within specified limits.  True liberty is having the power of choice (permission) while following God’s precepts (specified limits) which are acknowledging Christ as our personal Savior and living for Him.

God allows us to choose whatever we want.  We can choose the world and all it has to offer such as adultery, materialism, homosexuality, gluttony, or even vainness.  Choosing the things the world offers will cause us to lose our souls.  When we choose God, we gain peace, prosperity, and salvation.  God lets us make that choice.  But He is faithful to place opportunities along the way to point us toward true liberty.  Which type of liberty will you choose?  Hopefully, we all will choose true liberty.

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