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Proverbs 10:9 (The Message)

Honesty lives confident and carefree,

but Shifty is sure to be exposed.

Where in your life have you invited compromise? Do you “borrow” supplies from work for personal use? Do you tell little white lies to avoid taking responsibility for conflict or for your failures? Do you steal glances at online porn sites? Do you burn with envy over another’s success? Do you lust after a friend’s significant other/spouse? Have you cheated on your own spouse? Are you living life on the DL? Are you battling an addiction to drugs, alcohol, porn, gossip, shopping? Are you winning?

Whatever you struggle with today, know that no matter how small it may seem, it has the capacity to overtake you, if you continue to feed it.  The enemy grows stronger in the dark, but shrivels up in the light. Expose him.  How many people do you know of who thought they were “getting over”, who got “put on blast” for all to see? I encourage you today, this hour, this moment, confess whatever shady behavior you’ve been covering up, then repent. All sin opens the door for the enemy to enter your home, your career, your relationships, your finances.

When you decide to go outside of God’s protective boundaries, you give the enemy the legal right to reek havoc in your life.  Because he “hates God to the point of insanity” he attempts to destroy those whom God loves.* That’s you! Don’t let him punk you. Don’t be foolish enough to engage him and think you can beat him. So far no one but Jesus has done that. So guess who you need to be up under?

Know this: Our Father loves you too much to allow you to persist in your secret sin.

Also know this: When you come to him, he will welcome you and accept you with open, loving arms. Do you know why? I’ll tell you why. He wants you to win – not just over the sin that hounds you, but in life.

He wants you to win. Will you let him help you?

*From The Master’s Degree by Frank and P. Bunny Wilson, p. 30

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