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There are several reasons that breast begin to sag.   Stop sagging breast by ending crash dieting, quit smoking and come to terms with the effects of gravity. But what’s next? We fight the good fight of course! So here’s the plan to keep (or reclaim) our breasts fabulously firm!’

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~Find a bra that fits~

Much easier said than done I know.    Shopping for a bra is sorta’ like shopping for jeans…exhausting and depressing. To make it easier on yourself get professionally fitted, and I don’t mean the sales girl in the lingerie department. Find a boutique that specializes in undergarments, have them fit you and try on a million bras. Tedious? Yes. Worth it? Definitely!

~Give the girls a good rub down~

Massaging your breasts on a daily basis help to increase circulation and relieve lymphatic build up. Here’s a nice video clip that demonstrates how to drain the lymph from your breasts.

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When you massage your breasts, concentrate on lifting and molding your breast tissue in the way you feel they should be, up and out. Remember that an ill-fitting bra probably pushed your boobies towards your underarms so you have to coax it back where it belongs. Although you can use any lotion or oil to massage, I prefer to use oils that are packed with skin healing properties such as virgin coconut oil, camelina oil, pumpkin seed oil and emu oil, or you can also use a firming bust cream (more on that later).

~Nourish your boobies from the inside out~

1. Cod Liver Oil with High Vitamin Butter Oil: Cod Liver oil is loaded with omega 3 fatty acids that help to keep the skin moisturized and plump. Vitamin A in cod liver oil helps to regenerate healthy breast tissue keeping it smooth and supple. Take it along with the butter oil to boosts the effects.

2. Organic Berries, especially Acai: It’s no secret. Berries are a power house of antioxidants that reduce and prevent wrinkle formation. Plus they’re super yummy too!

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3. Virgin Coconut Oil: Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from fresh coconut meat rather than the dry hull. It smells just like fresh coconut milk too! It’s loaded with enzymes, antioxidants and essential fatty acids (in the perfect proportions). Most importantly it has saturated fat which it vital for healthy, hydrated skin cells.

Don’t believe fat is important for healthy skin? This is what skin looks like when deprived of fat…

~Bust Creams…and I don’t mean the ones that claim to grow your peaches into watermelons!~

Use a bust cream with peptides. Here some info on the science behind peptides, but basically they firm up your skin. You can use this cream to massage your breasts or mix in a little oil to give it more slip.

~Exercise Your Boobies, or rather the muscles underneath them~

Here’s exercise that is done with light weights. Pay no mind to those “bigger bosom” ads, I like you just the way you are!

This exercise is so creative! All you need are some dust rags and a smooth floor.

~Use a Reshaping Bra…maybe~

A reshaping bra claims to retrain the breast tissue back to it’s correct position,up and out. There are two brands , Jeunique and Ardyss, that I have found. I was very curious about these bras so I bought 4 from Jeunique and decided to give it a go. I used it for about 2 weeks and was pleased with the immediate “perky” results. They definitely gave me that sweater girl look. At the moment however, I’m living in nursing tank tops and sleeping nursing bras, so I will have to revisit the reshaping bra and give you a more thorough review later.

So there you have it ladies, your plan to win the fight against Saggy Boob Syndrome! Good luck and make sure you give me an update on your results.

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