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Jordan Cisek and Matthew Boge are best friends in the way only 9-year-old boys can be.

Practically neighbors, they ride their bikes to each other’s houses and are in Boy Scouts together. They play basketball and go bowling and build forts in the backyard. Through their third-grade year at Desert Christian Elementary, they studied vocabulary and definition lists side-by-side.And then they went back out to play.

So when the two boys discovered last month that Matthew’s family wouldn’t be able to afford tuition at their school in the fall, in part because his mother lost her job as a middle school teacher, Jordan couldn’t just sit by.

“I felt really sad because I knew my chances of going to Desert Christian are very little and my chances of going to the other school are very big,” Matthew said, adding he was worried about missing his old friends and not having any new friends right away. And he said he’s worried about losing the religious focus of his school.

Jordan said it occurred to him that if pennies could turn into dollars, then enough $1 bills could turn into the roughly $5,000 the family would need to keep Matthew and his sister at Desert Christian, 7777 E. Speedway.

“A dollar is not that much to ask,” Jordan said. “And if you add a whole bunch of them up, and if you know it’s going to a good cause, it could really help.”

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