So, today is another Friday.  And, another week is coming to an end.  But the ending of another week doesn’t make the world stop for me.  I can’t get off this train, its still going.  With all of the people in my family, we almost always have something going.  Someone has a game, swim meet, dance lessons, meeting… you get the picture.  In our home it is what do we do now?  Where do we go?  Who do we see?  When do we have to be there?

We are going in so many different directions at once that sometimes I can’t remember my name.  Has that ever happen to you?  Someone ask you your name and you draw a blank.  When this happens to me, I go through everyone’s name in my family… yes all 7 (including the hubby) and still can’t remember the name my parents gave me.  I have to check my driver’s license to make sure who I am.  That is just pitiful… just pitiful.  I should at least remember my name.  I mean come on I am not that old.  But, here I am in the middle of the department store and can’t remember my name.

But you know what?  God remembers me.  God always knows who I am, what my name is, what he calls me, and whose I am.  God never forgets that His son, Jesus paid a price for me and I am His and His alone.  God remembers I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a confidant, a lover and I could go on.  He remembers me and all that I am.  And, He remembers every assignment, testament, situation, temptation, and blessings that He has set before me.

God has called us to manage His creation and have authority over it.  In Genesis 1:28, God says to us “multiply and fill the earth and subdue it; you are master of the fish and birds and all the animals.”  God made this beautiful and wonderful world for us to do with it what we wanted.  He allowed Adam and us through him to name all things in this realm (now you know why your friend has that awful name).  He allowed us to manipulate it, change it, add to it, and take away from it.  God wanted us to enjoy this oasis of fruitfulness that He created.

God doesn’t want us to give up and forget about our assignment to subdue this world.  He did not want us to fall prey to what the world would try to do to us. Sometimes it gets too hard to subdue the world.   And, that’s because we are trying to do it by ourselves.  God never sets us up for failure.  He wants us to succeed.

And, one of the first steps that He wants us to do in our call of managing His creation is remembering the God who created it.  Once we realize it was the Father of Heaven who created the earth and all that is in it, we will reverence the Creator by treating it well and praise God for its sustenance.  Just think the world is the right distance from the sun so we don’t burn up or freeze to death.  The oceans do not run over all the land.  The moon doesn’t collide with us at night.  I even think about we can walk around this sphere without falling off into space.  I mean I serve a great, awesome, powerful God.

Many of us are not tillers of the ground but we don’t have to be to fulfill the call of subduing the earth.  Just by living God’s principles threatens Satan’s power in the earth.  Showing spiritual leadership in our homes first before doing it anywhere else and demonstrating oneness in marriage shows that we are willing to manage God’s creation.  This shows that there is no one greater than you but God (that scene in Roots is so right on -holding the baby up to God).  God has placed all things under our feet because we are His children.  God wants us to stop letting other things get into the way of what’s important.  And, what is important is serving God the way He called us.

God wants us to remember we are more than conquerors.  We have the authority to subdue here on earth and be masters over it.  He wants us to remember the things that He has place in our hearts- our call, assignment, and blessing.  He wants us to know He is there to walk with us through it all.  There will be times He will carry us.  It is all designed by Him.  And, He knows who we are deep down and more intimately than we know ourselves.  He remembers us and never forgets our names.  And, for that I can truly say “THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY!”

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