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What are the “Fattest Cities In America?”

Men’s Health just released their list of the “Fattest Cities In America and the usual suspects made the list. Texas scored five of its cities in the top 10 alone! Take a look:

  1. Corpus Christi, TX
  2. Charleston, WV
  3. El Paso, TX
  4. Dallas, TX
  5. Memphis, TN
  6. Kansas City, MO
  7. San Antonio, TX
  8. Baltimore, MD
  9. Houston, TX
  10. Birmingham, AL

This list continues to grade 100 U.S. cities using a formula that includes the percentage of people who are overweight, the percentage with type 2 diabetes, the percentage who haven’t left the couch in a month, the money spent on junk food and the number of people who ate fast food nine or more times in a month in each city.

Sounds pretty unhealthy right?

According to the 2000 U.S. Census these five “Blackest cities” also appeared in the top 10 of Men’s Health’s fattest city list:

  • Birmingham, Alabama (73.46%)
  • Baltimore, Maryland (64.34%)
  • Memphis, Tennessee (61.41%)
  • North Charleston, South Carolina (49.41%)
  • Kansas City, Missouri (36.77%)

Half of the “America’s Fattest Cities” are cities with large Black/minority populations. This could be a co-incidence but also doesn’t sound that crazy since statistics show that Blacks and minorities have higher rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

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